Basque Imagery


Running of the bulls

Anyone who's been bitten by the ever elusive travel bug will know 'those moments'. The moments when you are busy with a seemingly menial, every day activity and the sneaky bugger suddenly gets a bite in.

The itchiness that starts in your feet 0 trying it's best to will your body into a different place. Different town, country or especially continent. This occurrence tends to hit me quite often and as I do not have unlimited funds and the ability to travel whenever I want (in a perfect world!), I find some solace in looking through old travel images and reliving it a little bit in that way. That is after all my favourite thing about photography, managing to re-live a moment, as brief as it may be.

Last year I ticked something off my bucket list by going to the Running of the Bulls, or as it is called San Fermin, in Pamplona, Barcelona. These are a few glimpses into that experience.




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